Is Gatorade good or bad for you?

Gatorade is sold as an exercise enhancement drink. It contains re-hydrating electrolytes but also has a high concentration of sugar.

Sep 12th, 2019
How Disconnecting from Technology Made Me Happier

As I watched all the life happening around me, I felt relaxed and at peace. I was sitting alone in solitude, surrounded by happy people, good food, and good wine. There was nowhere I needed to go and nothing I needed to do in that moment.

Aug 13th, 2019
Everything You Want to Know About IBS

Between 3 percent and 20 percent of Americans experience irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. The condition affects more women than men. Some people with IBS have minor symptoms, while others do not.

Jul 30th, 2019
5 Universal Stretches Everyone Should Do

Exercising isn’t “one size fits all” — far from it. Cardio, HIIT, low-impact, plyometric, Pilates, resistance, running, weight training… the list goes on and on. Whichever workout you do, stretching should be part of your routine.

Jul 25th, 2019
Mindfully Letting Go of Shame

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ― Pema Chodron

Jul 22nd, 2019
The gamification of weight loss

In 2007, Mayor Mick Cornett put Oklahoma City on a diet, after the city made a less-than-flattering appearance on a list of the most obese cities in the United States.

Jul 17th, 2019
Get Better at Dealing with Anger

Yesterday a loved one asked me about dealing with anger — he lashed out at someone he loves in a way that hurt her and filled him with shame and regret.

Jul 16th, 2019
What It’s Like to Be Truly Committed to Something

All my life, I’ve struggled with being half-committed. Not always, but more than I’d usually like to admit. I say I’m going to stick to something, and I actually believe it, but then a week later (or sooner, sometimes longer), I falter. I justify it.

Jul 15th, 2019
Start Your Day Right with the Magic Morning Mindset

We would likely all agree that manicures, baths, and cozy movie nights on the couch all fall under the umbrella of self-care. But I believe that it’s time—actually, beyond time—to go deeper and re-claim what self-care truly means.

Jul 9th, 2019
When Someone You Love Is Grieving: How to Really Help

There’s the awkwardness. You always feel a little like an uninvited guest who arrived late and missed the first half of the conversation—a conversation that turns out to be a wrestle between another person and the deepest parts of their own soul.

Jul 3rd, 2019
Happiness is Contagious

Scientists found that we experience happiness through social connections. Therefore, the clusters of people around you strongly influence how you feel. In fact, a positive change in one person affects everyone in their friend cluster.

Jul 2nd, 2019
3 Healthy Eating Meditations You Need to Try

The benefits of meditation are well known. The calming practice has been shown to help with everything from stress levels to high blood pressure and seemingly just about everything in between (insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, even pain).

Jun 27th, 2019
A Mindful Method for When You’re Tired

Tiredness can affect everything in your life. I find myself less able to do work, more overwhelmed when I’m behind on email and messages, less able to keep up with healthy habits, more likely to eat junk food, and in worse moods.

Jun 25th, 2019
5 Tips For Losing Weight on a Budget

If you’re just getting started, weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle can seem expensive. After all, you’ll likely want to invest in new workout gear, a gym membership and a fridge full of healthy staples.

Jun 24th, 2019
Natural Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

For me, one such personal belief is that most sunscreen is not helpful in avoiding skin cancer and may actually increase the chances of it! This is one of the reasons I’ve been making homemade sunscreen for years (even though I rarely use it).

Jun 13th, 2019
The Discipline of Mastering Mental States

Mental states will usually affect whether we do our exercise, eat healthy, binge watch TV shows, drink alcohol, eat junk food, or are open-hearted (or rude) with the people we love.

Jun 12th, 2019
What Is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine? It’s true healthcare. Functional Medicine is a distinct medical model, separate and, as you’ll come to learn, vastly different from the conventional approach.

Jun 11th, 2019

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is any form of hormone therapy where a patient receives hormones, usually as a supplement for the lack of naturally occurring hormones.

May 29th, 2019
2019 Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day is more than just a day off from work or school, an occasion for a backyard barbecue or a chance to travel. Those things do speak to the holiday’s true spirit. But above all else, Memorial Day honors Americans who have died in service.

May 23rd, 2019
What It Can Mean If Your Urine Is Orange

Urine that is optimally diluted is usually a pale shade of yellow, sometimes even close to clear. However, it's possible for urine to turn several different colors, including orange.

May 21st, 2019
Reducing the Risk for Death: Never Too Late to Exercise?

Most healthcare professionals are used to talking with patients about increasing their levels of physical activity, but does enhancing physical activity among older adults influence important outcomes such as cardiovascular mortality?

May 20th, 2019
Replace Sedentary Time With Activity

US adults are recommended to complete a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise weekly.

May 16th, 2019
Allergy Treatment

Good allergy treatment is based on your medical history, the results of your allergy tests and how severe your symptoms are. It can include three treatment types: avoiding allergens, medicine options and/or immunotherapy.

May 14th, 2019

Both outdoor and indoor aeroallergens sensitize and exacerbate allergic asthma, and more than 90% of the average person's time in developed countries is spent indoors.

May 8th, 2019
Allergy skin tests

During allergy skin tests, your skin is exposed to suspected allergy-causing substances (allergens) and is then observed for signs of an allergic reaction.

May 1st, 2019
Make the Best Use of Fiber Supplements

Fiber offers you a range of health perks. It can lower cholesterol, keep your blood sugar steady, and help you lose weight. Still, most Americans don’t come anywhere close to getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Apr 30th, 2019
Detox Diets: Cleansing the Body

Set aside a weekend, it's time for spring cleaning -- more accurately, spring cleansing --even though it is already summer. Perfect for the procrastinators among us.

Apr 29th, 2019
Keto and Paleo Diets Explained

You’ve most likely heard about Paleo and Keto diets. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in one or both to see what they’re like. But we bet you still have some questions. To help demystify the what’s, why’s and how’s, here’s a deep diet dive from our coaches.

Apr 4th, 2019
Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: What’s the Difference?

There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Both types of diabetes are chronic diseases that affect the way your body regulates blood sugar, or glucose. Glucose is the fuel that feeds your body’s cells, but to enter your cells it needs a key.

Mar 28th, 2019
Fasting boosts metabolism and fights aging

The latest study to explore the impact of fasting on the human body concludes that it increases metabolic activity more than previously realized and may even impart anti-aging benefits.

Mar 27th, 2019
Workouts To Target Your Body Trouble Spots

Got some body trouble spots that you could do with toning up? With our targeted tips and activity suggestions, your less-than-perfect body zones could become history. Here are four workouts to target your body trouble spots.

Mar 20th, 2019
5 Most Addictive Foods

Did you know that you could become addicted to your favorite food? From withdrawal symptoms to changes in brain chemistry, our snacks have surprising ways of keeping us wanting more. Here is our guide to five of the world’s most addictive foods.

Mar 13th, 2019
Can Caffeine Really Boost Your Health?

Although enduring a bad press in recent years, a growing body of research suggests that caffeine (in moderation) could actually offer up some serious health benefits.

Mar 12th, 2019
Low Intensity Workouts

Looking for a low-intensity workout that will still burn calories? These exercise alternatives might be just what you are looking for.

Mar 4th, 2019
Glaucoma Awareness Month!

Half of people with glaucoma don’t know they have it. Get a healthy start this year by learning about glaucoma and taking steps to reduce your risk of vision loss!

Jan 9th, 2019
Bloating 101: Why You Feel Bloated

Bloating, gassiness, and abdominal discomfort aren’t limited to the occasional holiday feast. One in 10 Americans say they suffer from bloating regularly, even when they haven’t eaten a large meal.

Apr 24th, 2019
Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan: List of Foods to Eat and Avoid

Type 2 diabetes issues: getting enough glucose into the cells. When the sugar can't get where it is supposed to be, it leads to elevated blood sugar levels in the bloodstream, which can lead to complications such as kidney, nerve, and eye damage.

Apr 23rd, 2019
Can Your Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Very little research has been done to show exactly how our cell phones may affect our health. However, the few studies that have been performed — and common sense — tell us that they are filthy.

Apr 22nd, 2019
Understanding Blood Pressure Readings

What do your blood pressure numbers mean? The only way to know if you have high blood pressure (HBP, or hypertension) is to have your blood pressure tested. Understanding your results is key to controlling high blood pressure.

Apr 15th, 2019
What is a normal blood pressure?

Normal blood pressure is vital to life. Without the pressure that forces our blood to flow around the circulatory system, no oxygen or nutrients would be delivered through our arteries to the tissues and organs.

Mar 25th, 2019
Fitting Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Fitting a daily exercise routine into a packed modern lifestyle can be a tricky proposition. However, exercise needn't mean taking time out to plan a gym session. Instead, exercise can be worked into your life, through commuting, household task and sports.

Mar 19th, 2019
Surprisingly Toxic Foods

While most people know that certain foods aren’t great for your health, there are other seemingly healthy foods whose dangerous properties slip under the radar. It is unlikely moderate amounts of these foods will harm you, in large quantities they can.

Mar 11th, 2019
How Exercise Can Help You Beat Cellulite

While exercise will not eradicate the appearance of cellulite it can go some way to reducing it. Find out how to exercise in order to target unsightly cellulite.

Mar 6th, 2019
How To Feel Confident In The Gym

If you’ve previously shied away from gym because of 'gym jitters', then check out our gym guide to making the gym less scary so that you feel more confident about becoming a regular gym goer.

Feb 28th, 2019
Reverse Your Health Mistakes

Erasing past health blunders isn’t a simple overnight task, but it is fair to say that making changes now can start to make a difference to your health. Find out how to try and reverse some of those health mistakes you’ve made over the years.

Feb 27th, 2019
Tone Your Arms

If you are looking to tone your arms so you can go sleeveless with confidence, then our arm exercise and upper body workout could be just what you need. Here's all you need to know on toning up those arms.

Feb 26th, 2019
Motivational Tips For Fitness

It can be a really fine line that divides motivational success or failure when it comes to exercise. Having the initial desire to get into shape is one thing, but keeping it going can be quite another.

Feb 25th, 2019
Coping With Food Cravings

Need help coping with food cravings? Some researchers think we crave certain foods because the body lacks nutrients. Whatever the case, here are some tips to help you out.

Feb 21st, 2019
Ways To Beat Bloating

Bloating affects everyone now and again, but if it’s a major problem for you these useful tips can help you look and feel better.

Feb 18th, 2019
A Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

The food of focus for Valentine’s always seems to be chocolate, but why not change it up by indulging in other foods with added health benefits?

Feb 14th, 2019
How To Stay Safe In The Sun

As attractive as a tan can be, it’s important to stay safe whilst soaking up some rays, so here’s how.

Feb 12th, 2019
The Japanese Diet And Why It Is Good For Health

The Japanese diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, and for that reason the Japanese have an average life expectancy far greater than the western world. But why is this so?

Feb 11th, 2019
The Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea is a popular hot beverage all across the world, and it isn’t consumed purely for the taste. Here’s why tea can be beneficial for you.

Feb 7th, 2019
Dealing With The Symptoms Of Stress

Stress can manifest in many ways and negatively affect our lives. Here is a list of symptoms and solutions to help you cope with stress and its effects.

Jan 30th, 2019
Treadmill Training Tips

The treadmill offers a fantastic solution to maintaining your cardiovascular training throughout the year whatever the weather. Here's your guide to training successfully on a treadmill.

Jan 28th, 2019
Watch Your Back When Exercising

Injuring your back while exercising is a common, but usually avoidable. Whatever sport you pursue, by taking a few precautionary measures, you can do your best to ensure that your back stays injury-free.

Jan 24th, 2019
Belly Workouts Q&A

A solid core is far from being about just a defined abdomen. Find out all about core training and how it can help you.

Jan 23rd, 2019
Detox Class

Getting your body clean and healthy can have a wide range of positive effects. When a detox is done correctly in a healthy and controlled environment you will see a number of health benefits including: weight loss, metabolism boost, and removal of toxins.

Jan 21st, 2019
Ways To Restart Exercising

It may be daunting to go back to physical exercise after you've been away from it for some time. Rejoining the gym or getting back out onto the road for a run can seem a painful experience if your body hasn't been used to it for a while.

Jan 17th, 2019
Ways To Improve Your Diet This Year

The end of one year and the start of another can be a time when we reflect on our lives and feel motivated to make changes. How about making this year a year in which you change and improve your diet?

Jan 16th, 2019