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Kissable Deals

Fotona 4D

This month our office is offering an amazing laser deal with a package of 4 Fotona 4D Laser treatments on sale for only $1,800. Additionally, we are giving away a FREE Fotona LipLase treatment with each purchase.

But what are these services?

Let’s start with the Fotona 4D. Some of you might remember Kim Kardashian posting about this on her Instagram. And while you might think this is a treatment exclusive only to the stars, our office in Dallas is proud to offer this non-invasive, collagen-stimulating procedure. 

It’s no secret we love our Fotona laser, as it provides numerous aesthetic treatments, including the Fotona 4D. But when we tell you this is a modern day fountain of youth - we mean it! This particular procedure is long lasting, and safe. 

Fotona 4D Benefits:

Depending on your skin needs, we recommend anywhere from three to four treatments. 

If you love how all of this sounds, just imagine these same benefits for your lips! That’s right, this magical laser also provides a Fotona LipLase treatment. This treatment also stimulates collagen production, and allows for naturally plump lips without downtime OR injectables! And because it’s all natural, there’s no overdoing it, and therefore, no fear of the dreaded “duck lips.”

To indulge in this month’s laser special, please call Cheryl at 214-393-2940 and mention code: Kiss21.

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