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GREAT! More Things To Take

Too many supplement options!

Supplements are available without a prescription and usually come in a pill, powder, or liquid form. There's so many options out there, they come in many variations like grams, ML, and have many fancy names like vitamins, minerals, herbal products, botanicals, etc....

I don't know about you, but that scares me! Somewhere down the line I was told we're suppose to take all these supplements in the event we're lacking it in our diet, but who's there to monitor that I'm picking up what I actually need? I love orange juice, so does that mean I don't need any additional vitamin D supplements. And lastly, the sentence that makes us all reconsider "consult with your physician if you are taking other medications."

Luckily for our patients, our office cuts out all the confusion and allow the purchase of supplements to be hassle free. Southwest Family Medicine utilizes a few different companies for supplements that our medical director has handpicked. With the ease of going on our website, clicking the supplements tab, then adding YOUR recommended supplement to the cart is almost like it was prescribed just for you. No second guessing, you don't have to visit/call multiple stores to see who carries that brand, price point is reasonable, and the quality is trusted by your very own provider. This is in my opinion was by far the best smallest gesture that saved the day!


Supplements are important and needed, so don't skip out on them just because the options are overbearing, and I know we all cringe at this sentence but seriously -- consult with your physician.

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