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How Laser Therapy Can Help Decrease Vaginal Dryness and Increase Sexual Pleasure

How Laser Therapy Can Help Tighten and Renew Vaginal Tissues to Decrease Dryness and Increase Sexual Pleasure

You can’t watch TV or scroll through your social media feed without seeing the word “collagen” pop out at you. That’s because the cosmetic industry has discovered how to harness this essential protein that gives your skin its structure and resilience.

At Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas, Texas, our team of experienced providers channel the power of collagen into other body parts as well, namely your vagina. Advanced technology called IntimaLase® is a noninvasive, painless treatment that reboots your own collagen production, so your vagina comes back to life. Here’s what you need to know.

Your aging vagina

Your face isn’t the only body part that loses collagen over the years. Your vaginal tissues also suffer when your protein production slows down. The skin gets thinner, drier, and more fragile. Your vaginal walls begin to shrivel and sag just like the skin on your face. Even though the visual effects are mostly hidden, you can feel the consequences every time you have sex. 

With less lubrication flowing and dry, delicate tissues lining the walls, intercourse creates painful friction that tears your intimate skin. 

How IntimaLase restores your vaginal and sexual health

Using the power of photothermal (Erbium:YAG type) laser energy, IntimaLase gently heats the deep layers of your vaginal tissues to stimulate a healing response within. Because your body detects an “injury,” it amps up its production of collagen to heal the area. 

The increased levels of collagen create a scaffolding of fibers that build upon one another and gradually add volume and elasticity to your vaginal tissues. The benefits are twofold: a tighter vaginal canal and more lubrication.

IntimaLase tightens your vagina

You may take your tight vagina for granted in your younger years, but as you age, you begin to notice that skin and muscle laxity have changed the look and feel of your genitals. Like other skin on your body, vaginal skin atrophies and droops. Sex feels less satisfying, loose, and sloppy, so it’s difficult for you and your partner to enjoy it as you once did.

IntimaLase remodels your vaginal tissues from the inside out, restoring strength and vitality to the walls. The result is a tighter grip that increases pleasure for both of you.

IntimaLase helps your vagina produce moisture

Good sex relies on a slick, slippery environment, so if your vagina has stopped producing lubrication, intercourse hurts, and you avoid it. 

IntimaLase addresses the common problem of vaginal dryness by flipping the switch on mucus production. Not only will your vagina have a snug fit, it’ll also provide a welcoming slick environment that makes sex smooth and pleasureable again.

If your aging vagina has gone lax and dry, the answer is simple and painless — IntimaLase. To find out if it’s right for you, schedule an appointment by calling or clicking today. 

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