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Pharmacy Specialist

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If you’re tired of waiting in line to fill a prescription and want more than pharmacy staff who don’t know you from the next person in line, you’ll appreciate the personalized difference at the on-site pharmacy at Southwest Family Medicine Associates. Their in-house pharmacy, managed by Patrick Kokelu, is just one way they meet the goal of providing complete health care services in one place. If you have any health questions, please call the Dallas office, or schedule an appointment online for a consultation.

Pharmacy Q & A

Why provide an on-site pharmacy?

The staff at Southwest Family Medicine Associates firmly believes in giving patients holistic and comprehensive care, which includes going the distance to offer services like an on-site pharmacy.

Convenience is one of the biggest reasons for providing an pharmacy at the office. You can fill your prescription and pick up your medication right after your appointment rather than making an extra stop and waiting in line at another pharmacy.

Personalized care is another vital difference you gain when using the on-site pharmacy. Pharmacy staff are part of the medical team, which means they’re interested in your well-being, and they can communicate directly with other team members to ensure you get the medications and support you need.

Does staff at the on-site pharmacy provide information about medications?

Every person should know what medication they’re taking, why they’re taking it, and how it works in their body. You should also completely understand potential side effects and when to call pharmacy staff if you suspect a problem. Pharmacy personnel take the time to talk with you, explain your medication, and answer your questions.

What do you need to know about medication adherence?

Prescription medications only work when they’re taken exactly as prescribed. When you skip a dose or don’t refill a prescription, the medication won’t achieve the expected results.

While adhering to your medication regimen is important for all types of medications, it can be life-threatening if you need to control health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

Staff at the on-site pharmacy work with you to be sure you don’t have any problems that may prevent you from getting the medication that’s important for your health. They understand that there are many possible roadblocks, so please don’t hesitate talk with them about any problem, including:

  • Side effects: Contact a team member about any issues that arise before you stop taking your medication.
  • Medication costs: Programs may be available to reduce your costs, and the staff can help you find them.
  • Too many medications: If you take multiple medications, you may have a hard time keeping them straight or remembering when to take each one. Bring in all of your over-the-counter and prescription medications from any doctor, and we’ll help manage your schedule.