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You may meticulously plan for a trip abroad yet put off one of the most important elements: pretravel medical care. Dr. Sapna Jaiswal at Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas is a travel medicine expert who can provide the vaccinations, medications, and travel advice you need. As a member of Travel Clinics of America, you can depend on her to have the most up-to-date information. Call the office or schedule an appointment online for a travel medicine appointment at least two months before you plan to leave.

Travel Medicine Q & A

Why schedule an appointment with a member of Travel Clinics of America?

Dr. Jaiswal is a travel medicine specialist and a member of Travel Clinics of America. Meeting with her before you leave the country is the best way to protect yourself from illness, because she’s familiar with the health problems you may face at each destination.

You receive comprehensive pretravel care from Dr. Jaiswal, including vaccinations, medications, tips on preventing disease, or even travel medical insurance, if needed.

Why do you need pretravel vaccinations?

Thanks to the success of vaccinations, people living in the United States aren’t familiar with many contagious diseases. But those diseases are still common in foreign countries, and other unexpected health conditions can develop suddenly and spread quickly.

You’ll enjoy disease-free travel when you get vaccinations to protect you from diseases known to exist in the places you plan to visit. Malaria, typhoid fever, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis are just a few of the health threats you can prevent with pretravel vaccinations. Dr. Jaiswal has access to up-to-date information about disease threats around the world.

When should you get pretravel vaccinations?

Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaiswal at least two months before you plan to leave the country. Some vaccinations take four to six weeks before they start working, and others may require two doses, so you need to get started with pretravel care long before your departure date.

How can you prepare to prevent illness during travel?

Advance planning goes a long way toward preventing illness. Dr. Jaiswal can review your medical history and give you an exam to be sure you’re healthy before you leave. Otherwise, she helps you prepare with the following:

  • Flu vaccination: Flu breaks out in different seasons around the world, so Dr. Jaiswal can let you know if a vaccine is recommended for your destination.
  • Medications: Be prepared with medications to treat possible illness that may arise, like travelers’ diarrhea, motion sickness, and malaria. You also need a sufficient supply of your everyday medications.
  • Chronic disease: If you’re diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes or asthma, you may need additional travel shots. Pack all medications you take to control your disease in your carry-on luggage, take copies of prescriptions, and consider wearing a medical alert bracelet.
  • Safety tips: Dr. Jaiswal can teach you about safe food and water, getting medical care abroad, and the threat of mosquitoes and malaria.

Include Southwest Family Medicine Associates in your travel plans. Contact the office or schedule your appointment online at least two months before you go.