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Ahh - Ahh - Achoo! Alleviating Allergies

Serving as the 6th leading cause of chronic conditions among adults, it is no surprise that more than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies each year. In order to learn how to treat and manage your allergies, it’s important to understand them.

Understanding your allergies begins with knowing what type of allergies you have, and simply put: what you’re allergic to.

Common types of allergies include:

While symptoms may depend on each person, as well as the trigger, some common tell-tale signs of having allergies include:


You should consider scheduling a check-up and allergy testing if:

Here in our Dallas office, we are proud to offer the below types of allergy tests:

At Southwest Family Medicine and Associates our Allergy Testing Specialist Stacy is ready to help you with all of your testing needs. If you’re ready to alleviate your symptoms, please call 469-273-1790 to request an appointment. 

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