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So Long, Snoring!

So Long, Snoring!

As you may know, a full night of rest is essential to optimal health. Yet an estimated 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers. And while snoring might seem innocent enough, it is not only annoying to your partner but often the sign of a more complex ailment that could be the culprit behind your broken sleep schedule: sleep apnea.

Nearly 22 million Americans are suffering from sleep apnea, a chronic disease which increases the risk of 

Typical signs indicating sleep apnea include:

So how do we fix it?

The first step in addressing any problem is to properly diagnose. We recommend talking with a physician at Southwest Family Medicine about doing an at-home sleep study. Once a diagnosis is confirmed we have multiple treatment options available, including the noninvasive Nightlase procedure done with our Fotona Laser.

To learn more, or for any questions, you might have, please reach out to your provider. 

And if you have the time, we also recommend watching Dr, Dharma and Dr. Ashitey discuss this during a past episode of Talk Time Tuesday which can be found here:

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