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Men’s Sexual Health

1 in 10 men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction at some point in their lifetime. As a result: Poor sexual health tends to affect your overall quality of life and well-being. That’s why at Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas, we are proud to offer multiple treatment options for men suffering from sexual dysfunction, or simply looking to spice up their sexual performance.

Because our clinic specializes in penis rejuvenation, we are proud to offer Fotona Laser Therapy.

Through the power of the laser, we are able to naturally stimulate the production of new blood vessels and improve nerve endings. As a result, the laser energy activates the growth of new collagen and elastin, which provides further strength.

Benefits to Fotona laser therapy include:

If you’re interested in a consultation or to explore your treatment options, please call Cheryl at 469-893-1244. 

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This month our office is offering an amazing laser deal with a package of 4 Fotona 4D Laser treatments on sale for only $1,800.