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Detox & Reset Your Health

Did you indulge a bit too much over the holidays? If you’re like most, probably. But there’s no shame in having one too many slices of pumpkin pie.

Starting now, our clinic is offering a Detox Kit for only $150 with code DETOX21. What’s great about this kit is that it offers a hard reset for your body, removing toxins and promoting weight loss, naturally.

At its core, a detox is a way to remove toxins from your body. These toxins can include processed foods, synthetic chemicals, and any pollutants. All of which can take a toll on your health and wellbeing.

A medical-grade detox optimizes your body’s natural way to remove toxins from your kidneys, and liver. And the liver metabolizes a significant amount of the alcohol you drink, which over time can leave you feeling groggy.

So let’s talk benefits: 

To sign up or learn more, email elizabeth@southwestfamilymed.com

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