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Medicated Shampoos and Lotions: What to Know

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a medicated product and a “regular” one. Some of these products, such as medicated powders and creams for athlete’s foot or ringworm, are found closer to the pharmacy, making them easier to identify. Also, a dead giveaway is when the labels say something like “medicated powder” or “medicated lotion,” but other labels make it more difficult to discern.

If you’re in doubt, an easy way to tell is by checking the back of the label. If the label simply lists the ingredients, then the product is a personal care product or cosmetic. On the other hand, a big clue that your dandruff shampoo is actually a drug is that you’ll find a “Drug Facts Label” on the back of the bottle. The shampoo will still list the ingredients, but as with any over-the-counter drug, the ingredients will be separated by active and inactive ingredients.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a medicated product to get that dandruff or dry skin under control, your pharmacist can help you. A few questions you may consider asking:

So the next time you go cruising the lotion aisle seeking a solution for those alligator feet, double-check the package for the Drug Facts label and talk to your pharmacist if you have questions.



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