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Hello, Little Black Dress!

Do you have a pair of jeans you can almost squeeze in, but not quite? Or maybe you’ve got a little black dress you would like to fit into again? Whatever the case, our resident Laser Expert, Cheryl can help!

This month we are offering the famed Tightsculpting in our New Year promotion. All sessions are now Buy Two, Get Two FREE with offer code TIGHT21.

Tightsculpting is a powerful, effective, and non-surgical laser treatment that uses heat to reduce and tighten fatty or loose skin. This treatment offers full-body contouring with the benefits of no downtime or expensive pills to take alongside treatment. 

With the Fotona laser, gentle pulses of heat are delivered to targeted areas of stubborn fat. This heat speeds up fat breakdown while leaving your skin intact. As this occurs, collagen is rejuvenated and stimulated.

Ideal areas for Tightsculpting include:

Should your targeted area also have stretch marks, our laser can also assist in the removal of those, which means no more endless spending on useless (and expensive) creams.

Overall this treatment will provide a boost in confidence and a toned body. While the procedure is effective, part of its success depends on you. With proper eating and daily exercise, you can help maintain your ideal figure.

If you are looking for a more in-depth solution to weight loss, our wellness coordinator, Lizzy can help! We also offer detox programs, Lipo shots, and more.

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