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The 15 Best Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Can Actually Use During Quarantine

Quarantine may have changed some things this Father’s Day—you can’t go to baseball games or crowded restaurants—but one aspect remains the same: It’s still hard to find the perfect gift for someone who says they don’t need anything. Despite Dad’s insistence, there are plenty of unique gifts he’ll be grateful to have delivered to his door by June 21.

A good Father’s Day gift during quarantine is slightly different than the norm. Your gift should take into account the shift in our daily lives due to coronavirus, like social distancing. The father figure you’re shopping for likely has more free time than usual and may have even picked up a new hobby in the last few months, so try to focus on what their day-to-day looks like now. Opt for items that make their time at home just a little more enjoyable, like a smart coffee muga pillow, or a robe.

It’s also worth noting that shipping is still slightly delayed for many companies. Even though we have over a week before the big day, consider options like online classes or subscription boxes that avoid the hassle of checking tracking numbers altogether.

Now that we’ve outlined what qualifies as a good Father’s Day gift during quarantine, check out our suggestions for 15 thoughtful gifts your dad, grandpa, uncle, or whoever you’re celebrating will be ecstatic to receive next Sunday. 

1. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Dad’s Day Box

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Get a deluxe Southern brunch delivered right to your dad’s door with a best-selling Dad’s Day box from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. It’s filled with a dozen of the brand’s award-winning biscuits stuffed to the brim with fresh country ham, along with a slab of Edwards bacon, a package of cocktail pecans, and a jar of a Carolina staple: pimento cheese. His only task will be popping the flaky, butter biscuits into the oven.


Available at calliesbiscuits.com, $74

2. Masterclass Subscription 

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Give your dad access to a library of more than 80 online lessons taught by industry experts, including science courses from Neil deGrasse Tyson, cooking classes from Wolfgang Puck, and basketball basics from Steph Curry. Each lesson lasts about 10 minutes and there’s typically 20 lessons per class, so he’ll have time to take courses across a wide range of topics during his yearlong membership. 

Available at masterclass.com, $180 for an annual membership

3. Ultimate Shave Gift Set 

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

An unbelievably smooth shave awaits in this luxurious shaving kit. The set’s star is a sleek, heavyweight metal handle bundled with a 4-pack of Dollar Shave Club’s disposable executive razor cartridges each packed with 6 stainless steel blades. He’ll love the close shave he gets from the razor, especially with the help of the shaving butter, as well as the extravagance of skincare products like a pre-shave exfoliating scrub and a hydrating post-shave cream.

Available at dollarshaveclub.com, $35

4. Parachute Cloud Cotton Bathrobe

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

You can’t send your dad to the spa this Father’s Day, but this plush robe will be the next best thing. It’s made with a deluxe Turkish cotton selected for its year-round wearability and is completely machine-washable. Plus, it’s already one of Parachute’s best-sellers,  racking up almost 1,000 perfect reviews from shoppers who say it’s reminiscent of staying at the Ritz.

Available at parachute.com, $99

5. Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones


Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea


Fitness fanatics will be overjoyed to receive a pair of these wireless earbuds. Already an Amazon favorite with more than 7,500 perfect ratings, the sweat-resistant pick securely loops over your ears and stays in place during runs, burpees, and squat jumps. Both earbuds connect to Bluetooth independently to allow him to wear one at a time, and they pack enough power for 9 hours of continuous audio play—when juice runs low, stick them in the charging case. Beats just expanded its color options to include vibrant options like yellow and red.

Available at amazon.com, $250

6. Ember Coffee Mug

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Upgrade Dad’s morning routine with this app-controlled smart mug. It keeps hot drinks at the preferred temperature of between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, so every cup of joe is just as satisfying as the last. The cup stores enough power for one hour of relaxed sipping on the patio, or he can place it on the charging coaster to keep his brew warm all morning long. Make the experience even more enjoyable with the Ember app, which allows him to create custom presets and receive notifications.

Available at amazon.com, $100 (was $110)

7. The Purple Pillow

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Chronic neck pain is no match for this carefully designed pillow, which uses a unique grid foam to cradle the neck and align the spine for better snooze time. A top pick for summer siestas, its design has temperature-neutral gel lining and allows passive airflow to keep him cool. 

Available at purple.com, $109

8. Fitbit Charge 4

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

The latest launch from Fitbit gives its smartest tracker design, the Charge, a built-in GPS. This addition ensures the wearer gets all the perks of a smart watch—including Spotify app control and Fitbit Pay—without the bulk. The swimproof pick also introduces “active zone minutes,” a new way to track exercise that goes beyond step counting. Plus, he’ll get access to a 90-day trial of Fitbit’s new premium program, which includes fitness classes to make the most of working out from home, along with sleep and stress-management programs.

Available at amazon.com, from $130 (was $150) 

9. Atlas Coffee Club

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Take your dad on a trip around the world with a monthly delivery of single-origin coffee from global destinations like Peru and Ethiopia. Available as both whole beans and fresh grounds, the bag arrives with a beautiful postcard from its origin country along with a breakdown of flavor notes and brewing tips. A 3-month gift subscription is currently $5 off for Father’s Day—and shipping is free.

Available at atlascoffeeclub.com, from $55

10. Zerøgrand Overtake Running Shoe

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Comfy shoe staple Cole Haan released its first-ever running shoe this month—and the performance design doesn’t disappoint. Experienced runners and beginners alike will appreciate its shock-absorbing foam, breathable mesh upper, molded heel cup, and midfoot support system. He’ll be ahead of the pack with the lightweight yet durable design.

Available at colehaan.com, $178

11. Warby Parker Wright Sunglasses

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Less time inside and more time outdoors means Dad could use a pair of solid sunglasses like Warby Parker’s dapper Wright spectacles. They’re made with a strong hand-polished acetate and scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays. Select between non-prescription, single-vision, progressive, and reader lenses.

Available at warbyparker.com, $95

12. Vinley Market Wine Subscription Box

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

If you dad misses perusing the wine list at restaurants, this subscription box of artisanal wines will easily impress. The curated selection includes small-batch boutique wines from around the world that he won’t find at his local liquor store. Each monthly delivery includes 2 or 3 bottles.

Available at vinleymarket.com, 3-month subscription for $177

13. Tushy Classic Bidet

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Dad’s bum dealt with a lot this quarantine due to toilet paper shortages, but this easy-to-install bidet will make it up to him. The classic design slides onto most toilets and attaches to a water source to deliver a derriere-cleansing stream. It’s modern-looking but doesn't require any electricity—what more could you ask for? 

Available at hellotushy.com, $89 (was $109)

14. BioLite Headlamp

Fathers Day Gift Guide Idea

Set Dad up with outdoor essentials as trails and campsites slowly reopen. This ultra-thin headlamp lays flat against the head to prevent bouncing or slipping when illuminating the trail ahead. Its sweat-wicking fabric keeps dry and cool during intense activities, and its adjustable clips ensure a close fit. He can wear the lamp for up to 40 hours straight on low settings before recharging via USB, or he can maximize his lumens output on high for 3.5 hours of adventure.

Available at amazon.com, $60

15. Monkey 47 Dry Gin

Monkey47 botanical gin

Scotch and whiskey may be standard gifts for dads, but this handcrafted gin proves it’s time to shake things up. Deliver a bottle of the botanical blend right to his front door using Saucey delivery service. If his address is out of range or his taste buds prefer a dark liquor, you can check out websites like Reserve Bar for additional offerings, like Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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