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Workouts To Target Your Body Trouble Spots

Wobbly stomach

If you're looking to get a slim waist and a set of killer abs, sit ups and crunches immediately come to mind. But exercises for your lower abs and obliques should be included too. Have a go at leg-only v-sits (sit on the floor with your legs elevated and alternately bend and straighten your knees).

To further train your core, use a stability ball to carry out your ab exercises - this will train the deeper muscles of your abdomen too which will lead to all-over better posture.

Saggy behind

For that perfect peachy rear you’ll need to be working all the glute muscles. There are many killer techniques that will set you on your way to a shapelier behind; squats, lunges, side leg lifts as well as running, stepping or skipping.

But one of the best ways to fit in an extra daily bum tone is to take to the stairs - go for two at a time concentrating on squeezing the cheeks as you climb.

Bingo wings

If you shy away from short-sleeved tops, you can banish those bingo wings by targeting your biceps, triceps and shoulders to get the sexy toned arms you desire. Triceps dips are one of the best exercises to tone the under-arm wobble and good old fashioned press ups are great for targeting arms, shoulders and the chest.

Combine the toning with some cardiovascular exercise too; boxercise or cardio kickboxing classes are a great cardio workout with lots of upper-body work.

Thunder thighs

Want sleeker hips and streamlined, jiggle-free thighs that don’t meet in the middle? Well the good news is that the squats and lunges for your peachy rear will also double up as great thigh trimmers too. But rather than just focusing on the large muscles on the front and back of the thighs (the quads and hamstrings) go for activities that work the hips and inner thighs too.

In-line skating is a superb aerobic workout, burning 400 calories an hour, studies have shown that it works some muscles in the legs more effectively than running - particularly the inner thighs and hips.



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