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Smoothies Vs Juicing- Which One Is Better For Your Health?

The difference between the two is actually in the preparation. While juicing is done using a juicer, smoothies are prepared using blenders.



This one involves extracting the water and nutrients from vegetables and fruits. A juicer is used in this case to separate the indigestible fiber from the juices. The good thing with juices is that the digestive system does not need to strain when absorbing the nutrients like is the case when taking whole vegetables or fruits. Juicing makes nutrients readily available for absorption into the body. This, therefore, guarantees more nutrient intake than eating whole fruits. Juices are basically simple recipes that do away with the fibers and pulp of the fruits and vegetables.

Juicing is crucial in case one is suffering from illnesses that prevent or affect fiber processing by your digestive system. The fiber in fruits and vegetables usually slow down digestion process as it allows the release of nutrients into the body in steady bits.


On the other side, smoothies are prepared using blenders which pulverize the fruits and vegetables as a whole. The entire vegetable or fruit skin with all the fiber is included in the smoothie. Using a blender, you will, however, be able to break down the fiber, making it easier for digestion. Smoothies are good since they do not stimulate a rise in blood sugars because they allow for slow and even release of nutrients into the body unlike the case of juices. Probably this is a good point to note in case you are suffering from high blood pressure and issues with high sugar levels in the body.

The ability to prepare smoothies faster makes it a better option for morning breakfast and other times during the day. Because all the content of veggies and fruits is included, the volume of smoothies is high compared to squeezing the fruit and vegetable juice in the case of juicing. The secret behind getting the smoothest smoothies properly pulverized is using the best quality blenders.

So far, we have noted that either smoothies or juices are crucial in our health. Both of them provide amazing nutrients that we need for our general well being. Whether you choose smoothies or juices, you are likely to immensely benefit your body with crucial nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.

Relationship between juices/ smoothies and Quick weight loss


Quite some people turn to smoothies and juices to help them effectively lose weight fast. While it is true this can be achieved within a short time, very few understand how it works. Juice cleanse is the trend that many people are up to this days. It involves drinking fresh smoothies and juices extracted from vegetables and fruits and taking less whole foods for a specific period. The purpose of this is to cleanse the digestive system that is crucial in enhancing quick weight loss. However, you should ensure to watch the calories of your smoothies and juices by picking the right ingredients. Always properly mix fruits and vegetables, otherwise you may end up with smoothies and juices that have more calories than you want.

In order to achieve faster weight loss using smoothies or juices, you need to have a sound plan and effort. Your weight loss results entirely depend on your plan and effort. While smoothies are rich in fibers and pulp that will make you feel full throughout the day, including some macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins could comfortably replace whole meals. This, however, should be done with a proper planning to avoid starving your body. Juices are also crucial if you intend to lose weight and can effectively help in achieving results faster than you expect. However, you should be watchful and include this on a regular diet and plan well on workouts.

Some fruits are highly rich in omega 3 fatty acids which have numerous health benefits including weight loss and fighting a variety of health disorders such as arthritis, inflammation, skin disorders, muscular degeneration, anxiety, diabetes, cancer and high cholesterol among many others.

Blending and juicing rules you should know

  • Drink the smoothies and juices immediately they are ready. Some nutrients will be destroyed when exposed to light and air. It is therefore important that you consume them straight away to benefits from the nutrients. At least take your smoothies and juices 15 minutes after preparation
  • Do not combine fruits with vegetables. There are some vegetables that don’t combine well with fruits thus should not be mixed at all. For instance carrots, broccoli and beetroots are highly rich in starch thus do not mix well with fruits

How to ensure you get the most benefit from your smoothies and juices

As a rule of thumb, always use the right juicing and blending equipment. This is to ensure that the extracts you get are highly rich in nutrients. Some cheap, centrifugal extracts will introduce heat and oxygen that will destroy nutrients and crucial enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. To get the best, you, therefore, need to take the initial cost and invest in some quality premium cold-press juicer or blender that will not only extract quality juices and smoothies but will also serve you for a very long time thus saving you money.

Smoothies and juices are crucial for healthy living. To take advantage of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, juicing and blending would be the ideal options compared to taking them wholly. While investing in luxuries and other things seem to be taking over, do not forget to invest in your health by buying a high-quality juicer or blender for your home use. While there is an option of buying ready smoothies and juices from stores, it is true that nothing will taste better than what you prepare on your own.


Depending on the health goals you have set for yourself, you will exactly know what you need, a smoothie or juice. All the same, they are both nutritious and beneficial to your health in different ways.





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