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Walking is not only good for fresh air, but it has many other benefits as well 

1) Improve your posture

When you pay more attention to your posture as you walk, you can help tone many parts of your body as well as reduce the size of your waistline. It is important to really focus on keeping your shoulders back and relaxed and to engage your core as you walk. Not only will this help your shoulders naturally move, it will also help tighten the core. Another great thing about walking is that we all tend to swing our arms as we walk and that tones your arms and your back as well. Plus, the faster you move your arms, the more you pick up the speed. So just paying a little attention to how you walk can help you in various fitness ways.


2) Tone muscles and strengthen bone structure

We want to keep our joints in good health, in order to do that, we need to keep moving. Walking at a normal pace not only strengthens your knee joints, it also tones all of your backside! Walking also helps your bones! it helps strengthen your bones and can even prevent conditions such as arthritis as well as alleviate some back pain. 


3) Help you lose weight

In order to drop some pounds, You will need to burn calories than you are eating and drinking, and in order to do that, you will need to increase the pace you are walking at. Increasing your pace can burn double the amount of calories which would be at abount 4 miles per hour. Walking can alo increase muscle and tone them, which is what you want to burn fat. All in all, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you wil burn, resulting in more weight loss.


4) Reduce heart complications

Not only is walking good in a fitness aspect, it also helps with the circulation and cardiovascualr system, and walking on a regular basis can help decrease heart disease and stroke. Walking not only lowers your chamce of various conditions, it also regualtes your blood pressure! Which falls back into my previous statement, by lowering your blood pressure, you reduce your chances of having a stroke.


5) Fight disease

Did I mention walking is good for you? Not only does it decrease your chace of getting heart disease, it also lessens the chance of you getting type 2 diabetes, asthma and some cancers. Studies suggest walking regularly can help reduce diabetes up to 60%. In addition, those who are active have around a 20% lower risk of developing colon cancer, breast and womb than those who are not active.


6) Vitamin D

We all know that going out in the sun makes us feel good, that's because we are receiving a lot of vitamin D, a nutrient that’s hard to get from food, but one we can receive from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is a nutrient that plays a big role in everything from bone health to immunity.


7) Boost energy levels

Walking at a normal pace provides us with natural energy. It boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply to every cell in the body, helping you feel more alert and alive. walking on a regular basis should mean you sleep better too. It also helps bring tight joints back to life and ease muscle tension. We can all feel tired and exhausted at times, but you can help break that cycle through walking.


8) Get active, get involved

Walking doesn't have to be boring, finding a friend to walk with can make the time fly. Whether walking alone or walking with a group, it can help fight off feelings of isolation and loneliness. A survey found 83% of people with mental health issues look to exercise to help lift their mood.


9) Benefits your mental health

Walking helps you get in better shape and that means your body gets better at using oxygen, so you find it easier to be more active and tire less quickly. Getting active releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins into the bloodstream, and getting that natural high reduces stress and anxiety and in the end helps to build self-esteem.

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