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Health And Fitness Trends For 2019

Ninja fitness

With a focus on improving balance, strength, coordination and other aspects of functional fitness, it’s little wonder that ninja style gyms are expected to continue their rapid rise in 2019. Ninja training involves climbing, swinging, jumping and balancing among other things.

As well as providing a full-body workout, ninja fitness sessions are also a lot of fun. There are loads of gyms that offer the equipment you’ll need to improve your ninja skills, with many more expected to emerge in 2019.  


If you don’t already know what a VersaClimber is, there’s a good chance there will soon be one of these fitness machines in your local gym. The VersaClimber is a machine that simulates the motion of climbing and gives you a full-body cardio workout.

VersaClimbers allow you to set resistance and speed meaning the machines can be used by all fitness abilities and because it’s a low impact exercise, the tool can be a good alternative to a treadmill. Many gyms are now holding group VersaClimber exercise classes so who knows, you might soon be taking part in a session yourself.

Virtual reality workouts

If you’ve ever found a workout boring, then this fitness trend could be right up your street. It’s predicted that 2019 could see a more mainstream emergence of virtual reality in the fitness world. Whether it’s a virtual world on screen that makes your workout feel more like a game or a virtual reality headset that allows you to follow along with a virtual trainer, there’s certainly a lot of exciting developments to watch out for.  

Although the price of this technology might mean that it’s a while before the majority of people can afford a headset at home, expect to see more and more gyms incorporating virtual reality concepts into their equipment.

Shorter workouts

HIIT sessions have been a popular fitness trend for a while now and the idea of shorter, more intense workout sessions isn’t about to go away anytime soon. In fact, 2019 could see the rise of more gyms offering 30-minute workouts so that you can easily fit in a class on your lunch break or before work.

Not only will shorter workouts help to free up some of your time, but research has found that high-intensity sessions can be just as effective as moderate exercise over a prolonged period.

Socially conscious shopping

It’s no secret that our planet is in danger and for many consumers, buying products from companies that observe social responsibility is becoming more of a focus. Shopping ethically is something that will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond.

Expect more brands in the health and fitness industry to demonstrate a focus on sustainability and consumers to look to these values in their own shopping habits.

Wearable technology

Advances in technology mean that manufacturers are now ironing out any problems that might have held back devices in the past to give users more accurate tracking capabilities. Many affordable fitness watches now have the ability to monitor your heart rate, track your runs using GPS and also listen to music while training.

Wearable technology is a great way to monitor your progress, increase your motivation and ultimately help you achieve your fitness goals.


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