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Easy, Everyday Healthy Habits to Start at Home

Social media often contributes to this feeling, because we see fitness gurus and diet fanatics who seem to have it all together. This makes us think we need a major life overhaul to be healthy. In fact, all it takes is a few healthy-living strategies that are easy to fit into your everyday life when you take it one small step at a time.


The best way to make these head-to-toe health strategies easy is to focus on your home. If you’re already in the habit of going to the gym, that’s great! But most of our day-to-day habits start at home, so it only makes sense to set up our homes so that making healthy choices is easier.


A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

The first step to having a healthier home is to make sure it’s clean and clutter-free. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or any other mental health problems, you may not even realize that clutter in your home could be a contributing factor. To help you get started, Good Housekeeping explains the popular KonMari method of decluttering. Use this as a guide for clearing clutter, then tackle the job of deep cleaning. It’s perfectly acceptable to enlist the help of a cleaning or maid service to make this easier on you and make sure nothing gets overlooked. Most homeowners in Dallas spend about $114-$216 for a professional deep cleaning.


A clean home is not only important for your mental health, but it also makes you healthier overall. If you haven’t done a deep cleaning in awhile (or ever…), there could be dust and mold lurking in your home that affect your health. Once your home is spick and span, you can make other simple choices to keep it that way. A few of our top tips include using an air purifier, switching to chemical-free cleaning products, and getting houseplants to keep air cleaner.


Keep Healthy Food at Hand

Now that you’re breathing healthier air at home, the next step is to make it easier to grab healthy food. For many of us, the busyness of our daily lives is the biggest thing standing in the way of better nutrition. This is why it’s a good idea to make changes to what’s in your pantry (and within reach on your counters) so that eating right is more convenient. Stock your pantry with these whole-food essentials to be ready to put together good meals in a snap.


Next, set up the rest of your kitchen with quick meal-prep tricks. Health Magazine recommends some great short cuts, such as buying fruits and vegetables that are already prepped and fish that’s frozen. You may also want some special tools, like a quick cooker and a blender to make smoothies. And if you’re in the habit of keeping snacks that aren’t the best choice out on the counter, swap those with fresh fruit and nuts so you’ll grab healthier choices when you’re in a hurry.


Freshen Up Outdoor Spaces

Fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul. Consider planting a garden, especially an edible garden, to give yourself an incentive to spend more quality time outdoors. Another simple healthy switch is to make your gardening greener. If you use pesticides and other outdoor chemicals, they affect your health not only when you’re out in the garden, but they also make their way indoors. This is why it’s a good idea to swap out chemicals for natural gardening solutions.


Everyone knows that a nutritious diet and exercise are good healthy habits, but we don’t always think about these other simple ways we can boost our mental and physical health. Life is always going to be busy, which is why we should never wait for the “right” time to get healthy. Instead of waiting, try making these small changes at home so that healthy living becomes a breeze.


Image by Sylviarita from Pixabay

By Jennifer McGregor

Jennifer McGregor

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