Walk-ins are welcomed, latest appointment will be taken at 4:40pm.
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Detox Class

Do you feel like this? Bloated

Are you feeling "full" a lot? 

It happens. Sometimes due to the medications your doctor puts you on like blood pressure pills or pain meds for example verapamil or hydrocodone.  Other causes are not enough fiber or if you have a sensitive bowl, or struggle with chronic constipation.  Please consider doing a yearly cleanse with a detox. Some people do colonics but they only take care of 1/2 the problem. You have to commit. But those neon green 
that come out while your on a detox make you feel amazing. Your stomach  feels flat after a good spring cleaning.  


If interested, call Lizzy at


or email


** The cost for patients with insurance: $169 plus copay for each class**

**The cost for cash paying patients: $169 + $120 = $289**

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