1 Carbohydrates are fattening = FALSE

Carbohydrate foods such as rice, pasta and bread have been labelled as fattening and people think if we avoid carbohydrates this will result in weight loss. Carbohydrate is important for fuel for our bodies and it is difficult to sustain a low carbohydrate diet. Rice, pasta and bread are low in fat and are actually low in calories and high in fibre thus very filling. It is when we overeat these foods and diverge from our recommended portions that they can be no good for us. Carbohydrates can be included in a healthy meal plan, just limit the fat that can be added to the carbohydrate, including butters, margarine, oils and cream.

2 Low fat milk has less calcium than full cream milk = FALSE

Low fat milk and full fat milk have the same amount of calcium, so both are important for bone health. However, they do differ in fat content. If you are trying to shed some pounds then so ideally opt for a lower fat milk.        

3 Snacking makes you fat = FALSE

Overeating between meals (known as grazing or picking) or choosing wrong snack choices can lead to weight gain, but snacking healthily does not make you overweight. One healthy snack between meals can be beneficial as it can help reduce the risk of overeating at the next meal and keep your metabolism burning.    

Some ideal snacks may include:  

4 Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar = FALSE

Honey and sugar have similar energy/kilojoule content and provide little nutrition. You are better off to sweeten your food with fruit instead. For example, top your cereal with fruit or add a slice of lemon to your herbal tea.  

5 Red meat is high in fat so avoid this to lose weight = FALSE

Red meat is important for iron and iron helps to transport oxygen around the body. If we don’t have enough iron we can be left feeling tired, which in turn makes eating correctly and exercising a lot more difficult. Choosing lean or trimmed red meat for meals three to four times a week in correct portions is appropriate to meet nutritional requirements, as well as continue on your weight loss journey.  

6 Treat foods should be eaten in the morning so it's burnt off, rather than at night = FALSE

Our metabolism burns throughout the day and night, even when we are sleeping. It is about the portion and how often we eat these treat foods and not the time of day that will have an effect on our weight.

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