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Transgender Care Specialist

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When it comes to transgender care, the team at Southwest Family Medicine Associates treats every patient as a unique individual deserving of top-quality, personalized care. We provide exams, testing, hormone replacement therapy, patient education on healthy lifestyle changes, and other valuable services. Dr. Ashitey and Dr. Dharma are knowledgeable about transgender care and renowned for their compassion. Call the office or request an appointment online today with either Dr. Ashitey or Dr. Dharma.

Transgender Care Q & A

What is transgender care?

Transgender care refers to health care for transgender patients. Transgender patients are people who were assigned a gender or sex at birth that differs from their gender identity or gender expression.

Transgender care can involve several treatments or services. Some transgender people seek professional medical assistance to transition from one sex to another. For example, transgender men have unique health care needs that can only specialists like those at Southwest Family Medicine Associates can properly address. Many transgender men who are born female at birth still have female organs and need the same care as many women for specific women’s health issues. 

Transgender patients can benefit from checkups, screenings, STD testing, and other preventive care methods. They also often choose hormone therapy to assist in the transition process and feminize or masculinize the body.

What are the benefits of transgender care?

The right transgender care from a qualified and experienced professional team like that at Southwest Family Medicine Associates can help you protect and improve your general health. If you’re going through a transition to a different gender, the team can provide you with confidential and empathic, valuable medical support.

The providers at Southwest Family Medicine Associates are highly experienced and knowledgeable with transgender care and can help you to relieve any anxiety or fears you might have surrounding your medical care or your transition.

They take the time to explain any medical treatments or procedures, answer your questions, and address your concerns. The team makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and receive the individualized care you deserve.

In addition to the office nondiscrimination policy, Southwest Family Medicine Associates works hard to provide a transgender-friendly environment.

What should you expect from quality transgender care?

Southwest Family Medicine Associates offers support and expert medical care to transgender individuals. They understand that comprehensive and compassionate transgender care is often hard to find, so their goal is to fill that gap with holistic medicine, including:

  • Transgender health care
  • Hormone therapy and monitoring
  • Sexual health services
  • HIV testing and medical care
  • Management of chronic health problems
  • Breast and chest health care
  • Cervical cancer screening for trans men
  • Adolescent transgender services
  • Women’s health care
  • Comprehensive primary care
  • On-site pharmacy

If you’d like to learn more about transgender care from Dr. Ashiety or Dr. Dharma book an appointment with either of the two providers, use the online tool, or call Southwest Family Medicine Associates today.