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TightSculpting Specialist

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Stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite can linger even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Fortunately, a simple noninvasive solution is within reach at Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas. Family medicine physicians offer nonsurgical TightSculpting® to reduce excess fat and cellulite naturally without any cutting, medications, or downtime. Learn more about TightSculpting today by clicking the request appointment button today and select Cheryl McLeod, our Laser Technician. You can also text our office at 214.393.6863 or call Cheryl directly at 469.893.1244 or our main office number at 214.393.2940.

TightSculpting Q & A

What is TightSculpting?

TightSculpting is a noninvasive laser treatment for body sculpting, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening. It’s an excellent alternative to laser lipolysis without the downtime associated with surgery.

Your Southwest Family Medicine Associates practitioner can use nonsurgical skin tightening on your face, neck, and just about any other area of your body. TightSculpting works by gently heating tissue comfortably, safely, and rapidly to destroy fat cells and rebuild collagen and elastin over time.


What are the benefits TightSculpting?

When choosing TightSculpting to meet your aesthetic needs, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Tighter skin
  • Lifted skin
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Better body contours
  • Fewer stubborn fat pockets
  • Reductions in cellulite

With TightSculpting there’s no cutting, needles, medicines, surgery, or downtime. Results are natural-looking and long-lasting.


What should I expect during TightSculpting treatment?

Your Southwest Family Medicine Associates practitioner reviews your medical history and examines your skin to determine if you’re a good candidate for TightSculpting treatment.

If so, you sit in a comfortable chair in a relaxing room. Your doctor applies pulsed laser energy to your skin in problem areas using a hand-held device. You might experience warming and cooling sensations or the feeling of warm stone massage. The length of time TightSculpting lasts depends on the size of the treatment area.


What happens after the procedure?

After TightSculpting treatment you can resume your normal everyday routine but may want to avoid strenuous physical activity for a day or two. You might experience redness and swelling at the treatment site but this is temporary. Your practitioner may recommend a series of treatments and periodic maintenance sessions to help you achieve the most desirable outcome.


Is TightSculpting right for me?

If you desire better body contours, less cellulite, and tighter skin in just one treatment without surgery or downtime, chances are you’re a good candidate for TightSculpting. However, it’s not a weight loss treatment so you should be at or near your ideal weight prior to the procedure.

Don’t let stubborn fat pockets make you feel self-conscious when simple, nonsurgical solutions are available at Southwest Family Medicine Associates. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online to learn more about TightSculpting.