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If you’re unhappy with your appearance because of visible warts, moles, and other skin lesions, Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas can help. The team uses advanced laser technology to remove or destroy lesions without damaging the health of your skin. There’s no need for incisions. medications, or a recovery period following your treatment, so you can go right back to your usual activities with great-looking skin. Learn if laser treatments for skin lesions are right for you by calling Southwest Family Medicine Associates today, or request a consultation online now.

Skin Lesions Q & A

What are skin lesions?

There are a variety of lesions that can develop on your skin. While most of them are benign, some can be an indication of an underlying medical condition or cancer.

The most common types of skin lesions include:


Moles are small growths that appear anywhere on the body due to an overproduction of pigment-producing cells. Moles can be skin-colored, dark brown, or black. Moles that grow quickly or change color or shape may be a sign of cancer.


Warts are small, rough-textured skin growths that can grow anywhere on your skin and are the result of a virus in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family.


Corns are thick layers of hardened skin that develop in areas prone to friction or pressure, such as your feet and hands, as your skin tries to protect itself.

Skin tags

Skin tags are soft skin growths that form in the folds of your skin, such as your neck, groin, and eyelids. The tags are the result of loose collagen fibers that get trapped in thicker areas of your skin, often due to persistent pressure or friction.

When should I seek treatment for skin lesions?

If you develop a new mole, painful corn, or other skin lesions, it’s always a good idea to schedule a skin evaluation at Southwest Family Medicine Associates to ensure there are no concerns for infection or cancer.

Your Southwest Family Medicine Associates provider can assess the growth and your overall skin health. If the lesion is bothersome or affecting your self-confidence, they can recommend the right treatment plan.

What treatments are available for skin lesions?

In some cases, moles, skin tags, and other lesions that aren’t considered harmful can be left alone. However, if the lesion interferes with your appearance or becomes painful, your Southwest Family Medicine Associates provider may recommend removal with laser treatments.

The medical team uses Fotona laser technology to safely remove skin lesions without harming the surrounding skin tissue. The laser system uses different wavelengths of energy to eliminate lesions quickly and no medications are needed throughout your treatment

The laser system is also capable of producing short, intense pulses of light. Pigmented skin lesions, like moles, absorb this light energy, which destroys their structure. This causes the lesion to shrink and disappear.

If you’re looking for nonsurgical removal options for bothersome skin lesions, call Southwest Family Medicine Associates today or schedule an appointment online now.