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Laser Pain Management Treatment Specialist

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Over-the-counter or prescription pain medications are often used as a treatment for pain. But if you’re looking for a more natural solution to help relieve your pain rather than taking medications, you may want to consider laser pain management treatment. The experienced team at Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas offers many natural treatments for common health issues, including laser pain management treatment. To schedule a free consultation or to learn more about laser pain management, click the request appointment button today and select Cheryl McLeod, our Laser Technician. You can also text our office at 214.393.6863 or call Cheryl directly at 469.893.1244 or our main office number at 214.393.2940.

Laser Pain Management Treatment Q & A

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What is laser pain management treatment?

Laser pain management treatment is an innovative treatment offered at Southwest Family Medicine Associates to treat your pain and inflammation so you don’t have to rely on pain medication. The laser is safe and effective and can help those suffering from acute or chronic pain.


How chronic pain works?

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Or you may click this link: https://www.chronicpaindrivers.com/biochemical-mediators-video

How does laser pain treatment work?

Laser pain treatment is a form of photobiomodulation therapy, which refers to light-induced photochemical reactions. When the laser light is placed on your skin, it penetrates your tissue and your cells, which causes a photochemical and photophysical reaction that alters the cells and tissue to stimulate the healing process. 

The tissue and cellular reactions created by the laser tool:

  • Increase tissue regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease pain 

The reactions created by the laser treatment help your tissues and cells restore normal function. 


Am I a good candidate for laser pain management treatment?

The team at Southwest Family Medicine Associates determines if you’re a good candidate for laser pain treatment during a consultation. The laser therapy is effective at helping alleviate both chronic and acute pain conditions. You may want to consider scheduling a consultation to help with your:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injury
  • Fibromyalgia

Laser pain management is especially effective at treating an acute injury or pain condition as soon as it occurs. The faster the inflammation subsides and the healing starts, the quicker your recovery.

For chronic pain conditions, laser pain management reduces your ongoing pain symptoms and inflammation to improve your overall quality of life and reduce your need for pain medication.


What can I expect during laser pain management treatment?

Your laser pain management treatments are conducted at the office. In most cases, treatments only take a few minutes and improvement in pain is felt almost immediately. 

You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during your laser pain management treatment. In fact, you may find the treatments soothing.

Depending on your pain condition, you may benefit from a series of treatments. The team develops your personalized treatment plan before you get started so you know what to expect.

For natural pain relief that may help reduce your reliance on pain medication, contact Southwest Family Medicine Associates by phone or online today to learn more about laser pain management treatment. 

To book an appointment for our laser pain management service, please select Elizabeth Long (Lizzy) - wellness coordinator on the appointment request form