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Elizabeth (Lizzy) Long

Wellness Coordinator located in Dallas, TX

About Lizzy

Elizbeth "Lizzy" Long is the wellness coordinator at Southwest Family Medicine Associates in Dallas, Texas. She specializes in weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and health coaching. Her fitness approach to weight loss allows her to work with each patient's strengths to help them overcome barriers to their weight loss. Lizzy has experience working with physical disabilities, eating disorders, and mental barriers.

Lizzy is currently majoring in exercise science at Dallas Baptist University and has already had training and an understanding of physiology and how muscles work in a diseased state. She can implement and help with weight loss in patients who have medical issues. We believe exercise and weight management are the foundation of overall health and wellness. Lizzy can take patients through various exercises and aid in nutritional guidance to help them overcome their weight loss barriers. Lizzy also helps patients who need extra guidance by showing and explaining our weight loss injections, supplements, and medications as well. 

Unbelievably, the exercise program is FULLY covered by MOST insurances!