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Abnormal levels of cortisol and other stress hormones can severely affect our quality of life.  The ingredients in Adrene-Fit (amino-acid precursors, adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwaganda and Rhodiola) are formulated to help respond to stress overload and adrenal fatigue by improving cortisol levels and limiting the negative impact of acute adrenal stress. DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily 


Aloe-Cleanse acts as an effective, gentle laxative for the relief of occasional constipation, especially during the hCG diet protocol.  Aloe leaf extract has been used for thousands of years to promote regularity. DOSE: 1 capsule at bedtime


DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) is a testosterone metabolite and is mostly responsible for side effects such as acne, oily skin, and hair changes. Our proprietary blend includes beneficial herbs like saw palmetto to help block DHT effects.DOSE: 3 capsules once daily


Calm-Fit is a proprietary blend of botanicals (Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Passionflower Extracts) have been used for hundreds of years to induce a state of calmness as well as enhance relaxation. DOSE: 2 capsules twice daily as needed


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps reduce body fat and increases muscle tone when used along with a healthy diet and exercise. This natural enzyme stimulates the metabolism and breakdown of body fat.DOSE: 1 capsule three times daily


Milk Thistle Seed extract has been used for over 2000 years to support healthy liver, spleen, and kidney function, and has been used to protect and repair liver health due to environmental toxins and alcohol use.DOSE: 3 capsules twice daily for 10 days


CoQ10 has been well documented to promote healthy circulation, strengthen and improve cardiac function, enhance immune system response, and help the reduction of blood pressure. DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily


Our environment continues to collect toxins, poisons, and chemicals that can affect our health and longevity. Detox-Fit has a proprietary blend of herbs to enhance tissue healing and detoxify our GI balance, which can decrease inflammation.DOSE: 3 capsules twice daily for 10 days


DHEA is our “anti-aging” hormone and serves as a precursor for the manufacture of many other steroid hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. DHEA has a role in stress and mineral metabolism, as well as acting as a thermogenic hormone in assisting fat metabolism. DOSE: 1 capsule in a.m.


Digesti-Fit contains high potency, high-activity enzymes such as Pancreatin 8X (high potency amylase, lipase, and protease), Betaine, and Pepsin. These enzymes help improve absorption of B vitamins, Vitamin D, Omega3 fatty acids, etc. DOSE: 1-2 capsules before meals


DIM-Fit contains diindolylmethane. Clinical studies have shown that DIM can improve the ratio of favorable estrogens to less favorable estrogens, which may help estrogen side effects (water retention, bloating, breast tenderness).DOSE: 1-2 capsules daily


Paired with diet and exercise, 7-keto DHEA has been shown to accelerate fat loss threefold without any stimulant effect on the body. 7-keto DHEA has also been shown to improve immune function as well as an increase in immune helper cells. DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily


Lipo-Fit offers potent nutritional support to help maintain healthy lipid levels. Research has shown that Lipo-Fit helps to act as a dietary cholesterol binder to lower cholesterol in the GI tract, as well as by acting on the liver to produce and dump cholesterol-laden bile.DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily


"Reacted" Magnesium is a chelated magnesium blend that enhances the absorption of higher doses of magnesium. Studies demonstrate that daily magnesium supplementation for 12 weeks helped improve RLS (restless leg syndrome) and migraine headaches.DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily or 2 before bedtime


Packed with a complete blend of B vitamins, including niacin, folic acid, and biotin, Mega B-Fit is readily absorbable for enhancing concentration, focus, energy, and metabolism.DOSE: 1 capsule in a.m.


This 50,000-unit capsule contains the same amount of Vitamin D as the prescription D product. MegaD50-Fit is superior in improving low blood levels of Vitamin D3 and works more quickly than daily preparations. DOSE: 1 capsule weekly


Multi-Fit is a comprehensive, hypo-allergenic, complete multivitamin and mineral blend to maximize metabolism & energy production as well as broad spectrum antioxidant support. Multi-Fit contains Quatrefolic the biologically active form of folic acid, as well as TRAACS chelated mineral complexes to enhance bioavailability. DOSE: 2 caps twice daily w/ food


By now, Omega3 fish oil has acquired a stellar reputation for lowering cholesterol, decreasing heart disease, acting as a potent anti-inflammatory, preventing macular degeneration, and other chronic disease treatments. DOSE: 1 capsule twice daily


Instead of using trendy, overpriced, high-sugared energy drinks, Power-Fit provides a natural, herbal energy boost without artificial stimulants or chemicals.DOSE: 1 capsule mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon as needed


A healthy GI balance promotes good nutrient and water absorption, while filtering out toxins, chemicals, and waste products. ProBiotic-Fit is formulated with multiple beneficial bacterial strains that remove pathogens from the GI tract, helping to decrease gas and bloating, diarrhea, and cramping.DOSE: 1 capsule in a.m.

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