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Dallas Covid trials is a subsidiary of Southwest Family Medicine Research center.

We are excited to present our latest COVID-19 study: A study to treat COVID-19 positive individuals to help stop this pandemic.


Brief synopsis:

Treating acute COVID-19 infection with a monoclonal antibody given as intramuscular injection.

Age: ≥ 18 years old

Laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection (by PCR; antigen or nucleic acid from any respiratory tract specimen) OR signs/symptoms of COVID 19 present within 6 days.

No history or current hospitalization for COVID-19.

Not vaccinated

Patients meeting enrollment requirements will be compensated for time a travel.

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Patient qualifies if:

They have not been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Age is ≥ 18 years.

Have had COVID-19 symptoms for the past 7 days or has a Lab confirmed SARS-CoV2 test (by PCR, Antigen, or Nucleic acid from any respiratory sample).

No History of Hospitalization due to COVID-19 or previous COVID-19 infection.

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