• ATM machines and public toilets are equally dirty

    on Jun 4th, 2018

Germaphobes, beware.

Cleanliness tests carried out in Britain found that ATM machines were as dirty as the toilets. Specialists investigated swabs taken from the cash machine keyboards and from public toilets nearby and found both samples had the same bacteria known to lead to sickness.

When you think of dirty surfaces, public toilet seats are certainly up there in terms of gross factor. A survey of 3,000 adults showed that people are equally afraid of the health risks of touching a pay phone receiver. But it looks like there’s another dirty device lurking in plain sight — the ATM.

In a recent study, researchers took swabs from various ATMs and public toilets around England, then compared the samples under a microscope. They found that bacteria that can cause diarrhea and other sicknesses were found not only on the toilets, but also on the ATMs — and in nearly equal amounts.

The study was conducted by BioCote, which produces antibacterial coatings, so NewsFeed sniffs a conflict of interest. Still, it’s one more thing that will keep NewsFeed’s bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready. 


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